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Kirsten Victoria Haugen United States

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About me

I'm a girl who is just like any other. I have the normall frinds who are always awsome. I have blond hair, and a wierd color of blue for eyes. I'v been told that im funny, but most people are when their in middle school.


homework. UGH!


The type of music that i like varies from day to day, but Im usually always in the mood for a pop song that is redone in violin form. I also like most hiphop songs, well just about anything that is popular.

Movies and TV:

Okay, i'v never seen Dear John, but I think that if I did that would be my favorite movie of all time! And for the tv shows i havnt watched alot of tv or listned to alot of pop music lately, i guess hw has kept me kidof buisy.


im not really all that sporty, but i be rockin it on the soccer feild, alnog with my awsome friends!


i like art in generall. but i like visual arts out of all the creative arts. im pretty good at sketching. iv sketched some really good drawings that im really proud of. i used to dance when I was littler, but i quite by te time i was 9. I decided i didnt


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